SNI’s first tool to stimulate sustainability in nuts is the 3S system. 3S stands for Sustainable Supply System (3S). This system allows improvement of quality and quantity for all actors in the nut supply chain. SNI is owning and managing the system.

The system is a secure, online software platform to manage and share product, process and supplier information, from raw material at field level to finished products on the supermarkt shelf. By using 3S, production increase and quality improvements can be monitored and managed. 3S is currently operating in cashew but will soon be ready to operate in a range of different nut chains.

3S is a risk based approach program, where verification (vs certification) leads to full traceability, opportunities for directed sourcing and marketing and an efficient sustainable business relation from farmer to consumer.

The 3S software system provides information for traceability, audit management, sourcing and monitoring. Benchmarking and impact analysis in the entire supply chain provides essential management information.

Each actor controls its own data use and the level of exchange with its market counter parts.